Logitech to launch “cockpuncher” usb peripheral

By: Craig Lager

Published: June 9, 2011 Posted in: E3 2011

Well known for their high quality gaming peripherals, Logitech have unveiled their new line in “cockpunchers”. From what we saw of the device, it’s basically a mace with some hydraulics and a belt. Unfortunately, say Logitech, due to some testing and calibration errors, no one is available at the moment to conduct a live demo.

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“What we’re trying to achieve” they said “is a new level of immersion for the gamer. We’ve had rumble packs and 3D and the likes, but we want to go further; we want the gamer to feel the game. So, we thought, hey, let’s punch them in the cock with a mace”. The cockpuncher line will start at $49.95 and is out for Christmas.

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