Is this thing on?

By: GamingDaily

Published: February 14, 2011 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

The plan was to steadily work on this upgrade until it was ready then launch with new hosting in a fresh environment and a gutted out, from scratch, new template in one pain free go. Never mind. Our old hosting coincidentally went kaput yesterday for boring reasons so here we go. A fresh, not quite finished yet face on GamingDaily with a new host.

Under construction - good grief

Now, this is going to mean a couple of things: 1. There are going to be bugs. 2. Some stuff is not finished yet (comments sections, search, archive pages). On the other hand, this place looks a ton better already.

What I’m saying then, is that if you could please just bear with us a bit while we sort things out that would be great. Me and Chris Thursten have been going crazy hammering this place together to get it out in at least a stable and readable state as soon as possible (sorry for ruining your Sunday and those other evenings Chris) but it should all be worth it.

Cheers for sticking around, we’re working on making this place super awesome for the coming year. If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions while we’re still banging stuff together then do go ahead and shove them in here.

ALSO: we need a new favicon. Feel free to send us one!