Duke Nukem Forever 2 announced

By: Craig Lager

Published: June 9, 2011 Posted in: E3 2011

A big of a surprise this one. Heading into a “mystery Gearbox presentation”, everyone assumed Borderlands 2. We were wrong. Duke Nukem Forever 2: The Forevering is promised to be “balls out action” where you can “fuck women and shoot aliens”.

E3 presentations - this will be EA. You can tell by the ties

Looking to push the Duke to it’s logical conclusion, this FPS action title will see players killing aliens while having physical, rough sex with various women at once. During this time The Duke will utter phrases like “take that up your chuffer” and “I’m going to split you in two” – it’s ambiguous as to whether he’s talking to the women or the aliens. “We’re pushing for a Summer 2025 release” says Gearbox.

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