Neptunes Pride – The GD War – Part 2

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Published: April 26, 2010 Posted in: Neptunes Pride - The GD War

Day 11

Neptunes Pride - WasteManager WasteManager:

I’m being super aggressive and it’s paying off. I now have more systems than Mana from hostile grabbing to the North; and while he has more ships, mine are focused. In fact, I have one uber fleet being constructed – mopping up ships from systems and then heading straight for Syrma. Syrma is Manas core, it has 5 in economy, 5 in industry, 1 science and is very resource rich. It’s basically his home planet – the place everything else has stemmed out from. It’s defended by 30 ships. By the time my fleet gets there (1 day, 6 hours) it will be 70 strong. I’m effectively going to cut off Manas head.

Neptunes Pride - MaxIroncock Max Ironcock:

Smoking Cigars, gathering ships, chasing whores. Getting tempted by Dante’s stars.

Neptunes Pride - Poseidon


A quiet day. Mana’s hiatus resulted in his dictatorship being taken over by a rogue AI. I had a feeling that WasteManager would take advantage of this, and soon he had stolen several of Mana’s stars. I would have to act quickly to try and snatch some of Mana’s holdings before they were all gobbled up by my red and yellow competitors.

A note on the physiology of the Brush-Heads, Laughing Stock of the Galaxy:
Their distinctive chin bristles are throwback to their amphibious origins as bottom feeding parasites on the gunk world, Chertan. They used their bristles to collect algae and other vile byproducts from the insides of a massive inactive volcano named the Great Bowl and their limp wristed stance is adopted in order to squirt solvent slime onto the hard scales of particularly dirty spots on their divine toilet.

Neptunes Pride - Ludo


Day 11. U.S.S. Dick and the memories of all those on board are lost, like tears in the cosmic rain.


Neptunes Pride - Miker


Short update today. I finished off Ludo’s fleet, and I’ve begun to push up north to Poseidon.