Neptunes Pride – The GD War – Part 2

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Published: April 26, 2010 Posted in: Neptunes Pride - The GD War

Day 9

Neptunes Pride - WasteManager WasteManager:

Aladfar lives! Weapons technology came in just in time and I survived. Oh joy upon joy! Proxima is taken back and there are no fleets incoming in scanner range. This war is looking up. Also, a message from Mana in the main chat: “Sigh. I’m losing this game. Damnit, I know what to do next time, though. If there is one. Grr.” Poor Mana. It’s tempting to dispatch fleets to attack him but I have to stick to Sun Tzus rules. He could be hiding fleets just outside of scan range – I don’t have the information to attack.

Neptunes Pride - MaxIroncock Max Ironcock:

Plan B failed. I was able to log on briefly by desperately stealing friends’ laptops, but I was too preoccupied with taking planets on the run up to Dante’s juicy homeworld, rather than going in for the kill. This meant that when the doom fleet finally got there he’d chucked all his ships from his next juicy world to it, winning by a whisker. Bugger.

I had been raging at Dante’s smugness in his 30 sized fleet when I plotted Plan B. Pitying me and thinking I was weak he didn’t attack me during the 4 days I was away. He in turn went apoplectic at my 100 ship fleet when it appeared at the end of those 4 days. My investing in it and him fending it off had worn us both down though, and looking North I finally noticed Ludo had fallen on his own sword or so and Miker was incredibly strong.

We came to an agreement. I’d get to keep Zavijava, he’d take back his worlds and then we’d focus our doom fleets on Miker. Miker and I have been in a well kept truce since the start of the game, but he’s just managed to wipe Ludo out to two low resource worlds. This has made Miker a Space god, having more industry and economy than me and Dante combined. To get at Poseidon, Mana or WasteManager there’s now a sea of terrifying yellow to wade through. Bugger.

Neptunes Pride - Mana


Due to real life timing, I’ve stopped here. Mana the Robot Enthusiast was experimenting with some deadly AIs, but unfortunately, it was improperly contained and took over.

[Mana abandons the game without telling anyone, the fact is only discovered a few days later when the AI takes over, much to the dismay of everyone except WasteManager]

Neptunes Pride - Poseidon


My decision was made for me. Miker, perhaps seeing that I had 75 ships at his border, moved a 53 ship fleet to Angetenar. My scanning research finished and revealed that Fabled Kaffaljidhma was guarded by only 11 ships. The scan range ended shortly after that, so I worried that Miker would have forces heading to the planet already. Drusilla whispered in my ear: “Carpe diem.” I touched the controls to send Helena 1 and Athena’s Owl to Kaffaljidhma and Talitha respectively, hoping to split his own forces. If I could hold Kaffaljidhma for even a day it would provide me with $20, 12 ships, and 144 research points. I sent out messages to Miker’s neighbours, urging them that this would be the time to attack.

Mana remained troublingly silent, though I knew I had enough ships in my home systems to resist him.

The wait was agonising.

Neptunes Pride - Dante


Ironcock’s reach has exceeded his length, he attempted to attack my central planets, unaware that my entire fleet was stationed there. His 100+ fleet is annihilated, and I begin the slow death march towards his planetary core. I’m stopped in my tracked however, by a message from Ludo, he is in serious trouble, the alliance of Poseidon and Mike, now the strongest two players in the game, is about to wipe him off the map, giving them a massive advantage. Desperately I contact all the other players, including the accursed Max, trying to arrange a halt to current hostilities and instead get them to attack the dynamic duo. This still might not be enough however, so I arrange a last throw of the dice.

I send Miker a message telling him that Poseidon has contacted me to stab him in the back when the two are done with Ludo, a complete fabrication of course, but he doesn’t know that. I also contact WasteManager to back me up on this one, I might not have the economic or industrial might to deal with these two, but hopefully my indsidious words will turn them upon each other, so I won’t have to. Power to the people!

Heironymous Dante
President For Life
Dantonian Alliance

Neptunes Pride - Ludo


The U.S.S. Dick, captained by King Dick crewed exclusively by Dicks Who Like Being Dicks To Miker are dicking around in his territory providing inspiration to dicks everywhere. It’s the final flight of the noble Bearded Space Slug race. All they wanted to do was conquer and do horrible surgery on everyone in the galaxy. A dream tragically curtailed before it ever had a chance to truly fuck up the galaxy,

One day, probably very soon, U.S.S. Dick will meet its final end, and there all the memories of their glorious adventures will be lost, like tears in the cosmic rain.

Neptunes Pride - Miker


Ludo is proving to be a pain in the ass to mop up. He has a fleet loose inside my territory that I’m rather worried about. I can’t afford to remove defenders from my rich planets, but if I don’t, he’ll run around capturing all of my barren planets. I decide to see where he goes next, then take advantage of my superior speed and cut him off. This is where I have qualms about Neptune’s Pride’s real-timieness. If I don’t log in at the right time, Ludo’s fleets will already be halfway to another planet, and there’s nothing I can do but give chase, at which point he’s probably already halfway to another planet. I took advantage of this while I attacked his territory, and now he’s trying to go out doing the same.
I received two messages, one from Dante, one from WasteManager, about how Poseidon is asking them to attack me while I’m weak, the cheeky bast. Both declined – Dante is at war with Ironcock, and WasteManager has been an ally, and he’s at war with Mana. But right now I can’t do much right now while trying to hunt down Ludo’s remaining forces. Even if I could, I would spend my time reinforcing my forces on the Ludo-Poseidon border instead of attacking.
Ludo still has one lone fleet running around in my system, and it’s bothering me in ways that I never thought possible. Because of Neptune’s Pride’s movement system, it’s almost impossible to cut someone off, making taking down a single fleet an incredible chore. Poseidon is moving south with a large fleet, and I have better things to worry about besides mopping up Ludo’s final gasp of a fleet.