Neptunes Pride – The GD War – Part 2

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Published: April 26, 2010 Posted in: Neptunes Pride - The GD War

In which Craig Lager (WasteManager), Ed Fenning (Max Ironcock), Thom Senior (Ludo), Tom Hatfield (Dante), Jay Kim (Mana), Craig Lam (Poseidon) and Michael Yang (Miker) fight it out for the galaxy in free-to-play 4x space game, Neptunes Pride.

Day 8

Neptunes Pride - WasteManager


Furud has fallen, Aladfar has practically Fallen, a small system called proxima has fallen. The war is not going my way. No matter, my systems can easily be taken back -ships are on the way. And mana is making stupid mistakes, sending fleets to certain death. I’m planning on following the 3 main things I’ve learnt from Sun Tzus: Divide and conquer; lure my attacker to places where I have the advantage; if my enemy is annoyed, anger him.

Neptunes Pride - Poseidon


The vacuum was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. There was a sense of incipient doom. Miker and Ludo had giant fleets within striking distance of one another, yet they remained stationary. I anticipated that they might clash together: plate tectonic slow, leaving nothing but scattered pieces. Drusilla urged me send my fleets closer in anticipation, though a blip in my radar showed that Mana had sent a ship to Brachnium. Perhaps a precursor to war, I fretted.

Dante sent a message over the galactic intercom to the effect that Max Ironcock had somehow betrayed him and requested aid in order to crush his foe. I responded that he had nothing to trade with me. He soon messaged me to offer $100 for my speed technology. I readily agreed, as Drusilla’s Andromedan Sphinxes needed to be neutered before they boned the whole palace.

Miker continued to grow in power. His destruction of Ludo’s last forces was complete. With the 40 ship factories around his empire, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before his ship count would overtake mine. I moved Athena’s Owl and Helena 1 to within strike distance of his newly gained territories.

Neptunes Pride - Dante


The traitorous swine! Max Ironcock has deceived me! While I was preparing to leave him alone he has moved an armarda of ships into my territory and stolen sweet Zavijaha from me, immediately after I ordered a cease fire. This will not stand! The ships that were previously being gathered for the alliance with Ludo are being diverted, soon I he will meet my gigalothic fleet of 200 ships. Meanwhile I offer tech to the other players in order to attack him, he will pay, oh yes he will pay.

Heironymous Dante
President Elect
Dantonian Confederacy

Neptunes Pride - Ludo


I received a message from Poseidon telling me that instead of threatening his borders I should be minding my own. But HE’S threatening MY borders.


Oh shit.

It dawns on me suddenly, a wave of sad understanding. I see now the assumption that has undone me completely.

Poseidon and Miker were never allied. The building orange forces at my Northern border were only growing in response to the growing defensive forces I was posting there. Each time I grew my fleet he feared invasion and grew his defenses, which I interpreted as him massing his fleets for attack, which in turn lead to me growing my forces, forces I should have been using to crush Miker’s invasion.

All of which stems from WasteManager’s original lie, some five days ago. Bravo, sir. Bravo. But I won’t go down without a fight. I send the rest of my fleets into Miker’s territory, taking a few of the planets he left undefended after his charge into my territory. There’s no way I’ll be able to leverage these small victories into a recovery but it’s better to go down fighting, being as much as a dick as possible.

Neptunes Pride - Miker


I’ve somehow climbed to first place with 30 stars of 81 needed for victory. If it wasn’t clear already, Neptune’s Pride takes a long-ass time to get anywhere. A week in and we’re halfway through eliminating one player out of seven.
Apparently Mana and WasteManager are locked in mortal combat to my northwest. My newly upgraded scanning technology shows that WasteManager’s home planet is just one long jump away from the outskirts of my empire. Perhaps later, when the backstabbing inevitably begins, I’ll send a massive fleet over to take his home planet. But that’s for another day, maybe even another week.
My reinforcements have arrived at Kaffaljidhma, and I have no intention of leaving. My current plan is to let Ludo’s six points of industry at his former home planet do the work for me, and hopefully it won’t be long before I have enough ships to push either north towards Poseidon or south towards Dante and Ironcock. However, I feel safe enough at Kaffaljidhma that I let a small squadron explore the western fringes of Ludo territory, hopefully capturing a few planets along the way.
During this time, I’ve been building an uber-fleet at the center of my empire. It’s spent the last two days jumping from star to star and picking up ships along the way. Now 72 ships strong, it should be more than strong enough to wipe out Ludo’s smaller fleets in the south of his territory.