Yeah Toast!

By: Craig Lager

Published: January 8, 2010 Posted in: Videos
yeah Toast: Yeah toast

It’s Friday, you are on the precipice of a whole weekend – free to do whatever you like. What better way to spend it than to kick back and watch a couple of TF2 videos, hand-picked for your viewing pleasure?

Yeah Toast!

Engineers love toast don’t ya know. This crazy TF2 machinima was picked up by someone on Twitter (sorry, don’t remember who) and it went some way to making my day.

Behind the Bat

A documentary of Scouts fall from grace. Some brilliant moments including an intervention from Pyro and Heavy. Plus surprisingly decent voice acting throughout.

Ignis Solus

This one totally captivated me. It follows a lonely pyro on 2fort as he tries to entertain himself. It’s shot beautifully and the soundtrack is brilliant. My personal favourite.

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