GOTY 2010 – Elliot

By: Elliot Metson

Published: December 17, 2010 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I’m like most gamers. I can cope with FPS ‘military-sims’ but amid the ranks of a real world army I’d be a trembling bag of awful. My war-cry would almost certainly be “MUUUUM”, which wouldn’t scare anyone. Thank goodness, then, for Bad Company 2; it satisfies my craving for mass-scale death and destruction without the risk of getting muddy, cold and shot which is one reason why it’s my GOTY 2010.

BC2 - BC2Helishot

Bad Company 2′s multiplayer is as awesome as its single player is bland.

I’m going through a medic phase.  My team-mates’ lives are in my hands; if they get fragged, I’ve gotta revive them. If I run out of ammo in my M60, my assault squadmate has to resupply me. Teamplay is paramount. A regular team-mate is an excellent helicopter pilot, with me as his gunner. When we’re in the skies, on the right server, we can mount monstrous killing sprees. The well oiled efficiency of good teamwork provides an adrenaline rush like no other, but lone wolf adventures can be just as awesome. For example, when I was playing a round of Rush on offense, I snuck into the room of a house which held an MCOM station, placed C4 on the walls, ran like hell and detonated the charges. A few seconds later my screen displayed those beautiful words, “DESTRUCTION 2.0″, as I’d killed two people with a collapsing building and destroyed the MCOM station. A statue commemorating this momentous day was recently erected in my local town centre.

Blowing shit up has never been more amusing. DICE have done a fantastic job emphasising the fun aspects of Bad Company 2, because they’ve made an effort with the continued patching. Indeed, BC2 as it currently stands is one of the most balanced FPS experiences you’ll find on PC, right up there with TF2. It’s fun to drive around in a tank, but you’re hardly in Godmode. It’s fun to be a bushwookie sniper where nobody can see you, but you will find it very difficult to get too many kills 100 miles away.

I love Bad Company 2. I love the balance, both between weapons and the fact that vehicles aren’t all-powerful. I love the fact that we’ve got dedicated servers again, I love the class set-ups, I love the fact that I can’t win everything by myself, I love the huge maps, I love the sound system (seriously, change your sound setup to War Tapes, you will have an eargasm), I love how if you kill yourself it says ‘EPIC FAIL’, I love that I can kill people with defibrillator pads, drills and running them over with quad bikes, jet skis and UAVs, and most of all I love DICE for still pumping out free map packs and looking after us. ‘Bigger’ names may have been suggested for GOTY2010, but BC2 is a more than worthy recipient.

Near Misses:

Starcraft II: The game that has pretty much reignited my enjoyment of RTS’s. I haven’t played the original Starcraft or any RTS since AoE III and this was a welcome surprise. The campaign is solid and possesses an abundance unique mission objectives, which makes a change. My fear of the multiplayer stops me from naming this as outright GOTY, sadly.

Splinter Cell: Conviction: A very enjoyable romp through a half action, half stealth singleplayer campaign cake topped with delicious co-op icing. It was ace, probably more enjoyable than the main campaign simply because it was such a pleasant surprise. Lack of replayability lets it down a little though.

Probably could have been a contender if I’d played it:

Mass Effect 2: Maybe I’m lying when I say ‘if I’d played it’. I’ve played through the first hour of Mass Effect 2 and kinda liked it. Given how much I enjoyed Mass Effect, this would probably be nailed on my GOTY wall if I’d actually found the time to play it through. Oh well.

Also: F1 2010, Fallout: New Vegas, Civilization V, Dead Rising 2.

Elliot Metson