GD Bloodbowl League – Week 4

By: Tom Hatfield

Published: April 13, 2010 Posted in: Bloodbowl League, PC Gaming Nonsense
Bloodbowl wk4 - Cottagers2

Sorry for the slight delay, but I’m here again with a bumper edition rounding up the penultimate week of the Bloodbowl League. Beneath you’ll find the usual results, table and fixtures, plus some words on what options we face for season two along with a report of my match against Ed’s Goblins.


Once again anyone who wants to talk about their match below is free to do so.

Bravescales (Mike) 1:0 No Punt Intended (SAeN)

Ultramegasaurus (Arsewisely)2:0 Eringrad Eagles (Chimp)

The Philosorats (Dante) 1:1 Casual Cottagers (EGTF)

League Table:

Going into the final week only the two Lizards, Mike and Paul, can take the title. They play each other this week and the winner will take the top spot. The loser however is not comfortable in second, as a win over SAeN could see my Philosorats pip them at the post.

1. Bravescales     10
2. Ultramegasaurus     9
3. The Philosorats     7
4. Casual Cottagers     5
5. Eringrad Eagles     1
6. No Punt Intended     1


Once again let’s get these done by next week, then we can rap things up and prep for season two.

Bravescales (Mike) vs Ultramegasaurus (Arsewisely)

No Punt Intended (SAeN) vs The Philosorats (Dante)

Eringrad Eagles (Chimp) vs Casual Cottagers (EGTF)

The Future:

With only one week left it seems an appropriate time to talk about season two, as I outlined in the comments last week we face three options:

1: Turn the league over and start season two.
Pros: No fuss, let’s people keep their teams.
Cons: No-one can leave or join, doesn’t let people change teams.

2: Create new league with new teams.
Pros: People can change teams, everyone starts out even, people can join or leave if they want.
Cons: People can’t play developed teams.

3: Create new league but allow entry to experienced teams.
Pros: People can change teams, people can join or leave if they want, people can keep their old teams.
Cons: People who do keep their teams (and did well last time) start out with a major advantage.

I’m currently open to all these options, what I need from you is some idea of what your plans are, so I would like each current league member could post below with these details:

1: Are you going to stick around and play season two?

2: Do you want to keep your own team? (if indifferent, please state)

3: If we decide to go with new teams, which kind would you play? (again, this isn’t final, just to give people an impression so they don’t take Wood Elves in an all Orc league, unless they really want to)

Please answer honestly, don’t worry about anyone else, as I’m reserving the right to overrule (ie, if only one player wants to keep his team, we’ll probably start anew).

Similarly if you’re reading this but not in the league, and you’re interested in joining please post below:

1: Introducing yourself and stating your interest.

2: Saying what team you’re likely to play. (this isn’t final, just to give people an impression so they don’t take Wood Elves in an all Orc league, unless they really want to)

Hopefully we’ll pick up a new player or two and expand the league.

One final announcement, although I intend to continue doing weekly results pages on the site, I’m going to be stopping my regular Match Reports for the second season. I know I enjoy writing them, and I hope you enjoy reading them, but in the end they were taking over my slot and I wasn’t posting as many regular GD articles as before. Hopefully next season will see me able to keep up with both, lest I just become little more than ‘The Bloodbowl Guy’ at Gaming Daily Towers. I’ll still write them if it’s an interesting game, but no more promises. Sorry.

Match Report:


For the first time since the league began I’ve got a full squad to choose from, including a pair of blodging Gutter Runners. Ed’s Goblins are a trickier force than they appear, he’s adept at using secret weapons and causing a nuisance with Stunty. This could be tough.

Kick off

Bloodbowl wk4 - Cottagers4

Ed elects to kick, leaving his Fanatic on the line, fine by me as I intend to score quickly and get him off the pitch, the kick is good and lands right at the back end of the field.  Two Gutter Runners whoosh into the backfield while the other two assist the thrower in retrieving the ball, but with the kick so long he doesn’t really have a chance to move anywhere after getting it.

Sensing weakness Ed streams Goblins forwards in the hopes of ambushing by thrower, while man marking as many Gutter Runners as possible. The fanatic trashes my linerats, leaving me with only one option, Descrates, the Stormvermin, who is totally unmarked. A quick handoff and pass leaves him free only a few spaces from the line, but with several Goblins close by, I hit them with everything I have, but the pesky buggers won’t go down.

Daringly Ed throws in a few blocks before moving his markers into position, but right now all the block dice are falling for him, he’s getting two turn knock downs at minimum and I can’t even put a man on the floor, meanwhile the fanatic continues to chew up my men. I’ve got an out though, the way Descrates’ markers are arranged if he can blitz into one and knock him down then he only has to make a regular dodge to get into the endzone.

Descrates does indeed make his block, but like a total moron I’ve forgotten to click the blitz button in advance (unnecessary if you move first, vital if you block, then move) and he’s stranded near the endzone. This, in case you’re wondering, is the moment in which I lost my title chances. To add insult to injury a Gutter Runner then fails a basic dodge and ends up knocked out.

Ed then picks the ball up (something he would continue to have absurdly good luck at, considering it’s a major Goblin weakness) and continues to bash at me with startling success. Arratstottle reminds my why I picked up Strip Ball for him by ripping the ball away from the carrier, but I simply can’t stand enough men up at a time to capitalise, and my players are failing the simplest of dodges to get to the action. The ball bundles around Ed’s endzone for a while with the only highlight a hilarious failed pass from him. Meanwhile my players get the crap kicked out of them while neither side looks like scoring. Ed’s Fanatic stays on for the whole half and causes untold damage.

Half Time

Bloodbowl wk4 - Cottagers1

My attempts to draw a line under the terrible first half are severely hampered. I had a massive amount of players knocked out in the first half, traditionally they recover over half time, despite having thirteen players I’m only able to field about six or seven for the next drive. Meanwhile Ed’s Fanatic is finally send off and his Chainsaw comes on instead Crap. The half starts and one of my linerats immediately gets injured, losing a point of movement, due to a thrown rock from the crowd. I decide I can always stick him on the scrimmage line, so I don’t use my apothocary, but I’m still a man down.

The first Chainsaw attack thankfully bounces off Descrates’ armour, and once again Ed effortlessly picks up the ball, he’s done better at this than my with my Sure Hands Throwers and Ag 4 Gutter Runners. He’s left his man open though, so mine move forwards and… the first one fails a simple dodge and my turn is over, with me effectively doing nothing. Ed’s response is to kill Pythagorat stone dead, thankfully an Apothocary roll saves him and he ends up only out for the match. Ed’s troll messes up a block though, leaving my to ambush the goblin who is rapidly approaching my line.. but I fail another simple dodge, this is all going to hell.

Ed decides no to risk a GFI roll and stands his carrier one square from the endzone, logical considering I only have two men standing up at this point. One of them gets free though and blocks his man away from the zone, leaving him standing but needing a dodge to make it, this should be hard to I start to move more men in support, only to make a gaffe that Bloodbowl veterans like to refer to as ‘pulling a Gillen’. You see, when an action is happening the end turn button disappears from the UI and reappears once it’s done, however if you’re clicking on the spot in which that button is going to appear, say to select a Gutter Runner, then you can very often accidentally end your own turn.

This leaves me royally screwed, but I tell Ed that I honestly couldn’t have stopped him anyway, so he might as well score, he does so, but not before taking the opportunity to brutally block and foul every player I have left, what a nice man.

Touchdown Cottagers!

Bloodbowl  wk4 - Cottagers3

The next drive begins, and I still only get about one or two players back, handing Ed a massive numerical advantage, I’ll have to overturn that if I want anything from this game. I decide to play it simple, pick up the ball, hand it to Neitzcheese and have him run past one Goblin to get close to the endzone. He fails his dodge and knocks himself out, fan fucking tastic. Ed’s high numbers are rending my movement advantage obsolete, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeves, notably the fact that I’m forced to play blitzers on my line screws him over again, and a troll goes down, forcing a turnover before he can pick up the ball.

I think I’ve finally got the hang of using quality dodgers, and part of that is that one hard dodge gives you a better shot than multiple easy ones.  Prato takes this to heart and rushes between two blockers instead of down the wing, blocking away the man Ed had on the ball and picking up deep in his territory. Lucratios and Aratstottle back him up while Voltail gives him a passing option down the wing.

Ed does what he does best and surrounds Prato with Goblins, but I’ve learnt my lesson from the first half, by blitzing the ball carrier into a Goblin on the edge the follow up simply moves me out of the way of most of the markers, letting me run the ball in easily.

Touchdown Philosorats!

If only I’d managed that in the first half I might still be in the running. As it is I have two desperate turns, with Ed receiving the ball, even for Skaven this is a toughie. The kick off isn’t a help, with neither the useful blitz or riot showing up, the ball does land deep though, and Ed fails to pick up, knocking it into the endzone. This is great for me, because if I can pick it up there I can win, and if Ed fails he might knock it out of play, where anything can happen. I blitz a hole in their lines, causing my first injury of the game, and rush four players in between Ed’s ball retriever and the rest of his Goblins, good start.

Shear lack of players however has left most of Eds Gobbos unmarked, and it’ll be easy for them to rush downfield and mark me. Something he does extensively before picking up the ball (again) rushing forwards and failing a pass.

This leaves me with one option, I could try and dodge my Gutter Runners, but a much better option is to a) make a one man dodge with my thrower, b) pick up the ball (sure hands helps here) and c) pass the ball short to my Blitzer (pass helps here) who can run it in with ease. It’s several rolls, but they’re all easy ones, if I can make that dodge, I can still win this league.

I fail the dodge, game over.


I’m out of the running for the title now, and can only get second, frustrating as the first half chance I screwed up could have gotten me a win. It’s not all doom and gloom though, scorer Pythagorat picks up an advance and rolls himself a movement increase. With a base move of ten and the ability to go for it for two extra squares, Pythagorat is now capable of scoring in a single turn if quick snap appears on the kick off table, or, more importantly, if he gets sprint in the future.

Tom Hatfield