GD Bloodbowl League 2 – Week 2

By: Tom Hatfield

Published: June 22, 2010 Posted in: Bloodbowl League

Sorry about the delay lads, but our Bloodbowl league is still going, and the results from the first round of fixtures are in:


The Vasectomelves (EGTF) 2:1 The Glade Runners (Arsewisely)

Guinness or Glory (SAeN) 2:0 The Philosorats (Dante)

Da Kultur Klub (Flowerpot Chimp) 2:1 Sad Sack’s (Scotsman)

The next set of fixtures are as follows:


The Vasectomelves (EGTF) vs Guinness or Glory (SAeN)

The Glade Runners (Arsewisely) vs Sad Sack’s (Scotsman)

The Philosorats (Dante) vs Da Kultur Klub (Flowerpot Chimp)

Sorry, no reports this season, but good luck to everyone next time out.

Tom Hatfield