Worst of 2008

By: Craig Lager

Published: January 19, 2009 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

2008 came and went, but left us a few games – some of which will be classics, some which wont. The next two posts will have a look at the highlights and the lowlights of the previous year. This will be, in effect, the Gaming Daily top 5 bestest and worstest (most disappointing/most over hyped) notable games of 2008 that I have played. We’ll then go on to wrap up with the official “Gaming Daily Game of the Year award 2008″

Firstly though…the baddies.

5. Audiosurf – Is it just me that doesn’t get it? Yes, what it does is very clever but I by no means enjoyed doing it. I see the appeal of the high score tables and what not, but I just didn’t find it fun.

4. No More Heroes – I don’t see what all the fuss was about. Fuzzy graphics, no story, dull minigames, average combat, and the worst handling vehicle in a game ever. Yes it was good how it was so self aware but at the same time it was irritating that it ultimately fell back onto slapstick jokes about tits, porn and getting laid. Oh the hilarity.

3. Smash Bros: Brawl – Melee with shitter controls and more characters that no one has heard of. The fact that it was over a year late and seemingly no better than the previous smash brothers makes it seem more of a very belated update that a sequel.

2. Assassins Creed – How can being a mean-ass, free running, four fingered assassin be dull? Well apparently it can. I could rant about it for ages but I’ll just say this. Don’t make me load up a game to be shouted at and dragged through a plethora of shitty dialog.

assassins creed: pretty but still a bit crap

And the biggest disappointment of 2008

1. Spore – so disappointing I could cry. The creature creation is great and all that but the actual game is nothing short of an exercise in mediocrity. Mixing genres has rarely worked before and this is yet another example of quantity over quality. The real blow to me was that no matter what you do to your creatures/vehicles they all just work the same. Fire the same bullets/move the same way/eat the same way/whatever. Leaves me wondering what the point is at all.

Spore: disappointing

It’s not all bad though, the cream of the crop is still to come.

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