Your mother ate my dog!

By: GamingDaily

Published: October 27, 2009 Posted in: Videos

With Halloween around the corner I wanted to set aside this week’s scheduled post and show a couple of blood curdling video treats. Now close the curtains, make sure the doors and windows are securely locked, sit back and hold your crucifix tight, we are about to enter the world of the supernatural. Sit back and enjoy the ride……mwahahaha!

First up we have the newest trailer for the sequel to the highly exclaimed zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, showcasing the relationship between the survivors and there zombie slaying abilities. This has hit written all over it, and I’m sure most of the people who read this will already have this down on their Christmas lists, enjoy.

Finally we have the latest video of 2010’s biggest (yes biggest) shooter, Alien Vs Predator. Now I know I have already showcased previous videos and I hear the collective masses sighing of yet another AVP write-up but this is too good to miss. The video showcases the Alien playable character. It looks amazing and is very reminiscent of the Alien’s movement in the 3rd movie. Hopefully a demo will be released in the near future as I can not wait until next year to play this game.