Mum, I want to be an Assassin!

By: GamingDaily

Published: September 29, 2009 Posted in: Videos

Assassins Creed was a game I initially loved but soon hated with a passion, the hype surrounding this game was out of this world. The game I wanted however was not made; instead I was left with a very tedious game, which I discarded as soon as possible after completion.

When a sequel was announced I publically stated that I had no intentions of buying and would rather gouge my eyes out with spoon. Staying clear of any trailers and publications I lived my life peacefully. This was until I happened to watch a walkthrough trailer which pretty much blew me away; I loved the new additions to the game, and the hope of better structured gameplay, here is said video for you all to enjoy!

With TGS happening as I type, a new trailer was released which adds to my new found anticipation for this title, here it is for your viewing pleasure, and excuse me as I eat the final slice on my Humble Pie.

Also shown at TGS was a demo of Dead Rising 2, this is apparently coming out on the PC as well as the consoles. The first game was a hoot, I loved every second of it, Dawn of the Dead the game as I liked to put it, it was magical. This is a game to look forward to in 2010. It looks to improve on the first in all the right ways.