A Question of Teamwork

By: Chris Evans

Published: June 18, 2009 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

Left 4 Dead: The team in Left 4 Dead

The recent announcement of Battlefield 3 has given me plenty of things to think about for this, my début piece on Gaming Daily. You see I love the Battlefield series, there is one main reason for that, teamwork. Teamwork was an essential component in the success of Battlefield 2, the game had a built in hierarchy of command for players to utilise if they wished, this was tied in with VoIP which gave players the opportunity to communicate within the hierarchy of the team.

I personally maintain fond memories of working within squads and with the commander, or of even being the commander. Of my near 500 hours playing the game I spent over half of my time as a squad member with the rest of my time largely devoted to being a squad leader or commander, being a lone wolf was not my style.

I have yet to find a game which matches Battlefield 2 for teamwork in public servers, games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2 just don’t have that same sense of camaraderie. Admittedly the story is different when it comes to clan matches in these games, but that is understandable and they don’t have the same structure as Battlefield 2, but even when teamwork is necessary it is so often lacking in those three games.

A game like Left 4 Dead is different, while Battlefield 2 presents you with the choice of getting involved in working with the team, Left 4 Dead revolves around four player working together in order to survive. In some ways it is similar to Battlefield 2, that sense of working as a small unit, though there isn’t that same overarching sense of working to a bigger goal the sense of working as a small group is very reminiscent of the Battlefield games.

It is something that developers should look to bring into the multiplayer component of games more, it is all well and good having deathmatch and team deathmatch, but these don’t promote teamwork, it is only through the right game mode and the chance to communicate easily that teamwork will become a key part of gaming.

Working as part of a team in games is really rewarding, you will often find yourself enjoying the game more and performing better in the game. When you are working as team and communicating effectively you can also build relationships with your teammates and in turn lead to lasting relationships.

If you are playing online why not try using your mic or using any other communication tools present in the game, who knows what it will lead to.

Chris Evans