Killing Floor has leveled Up

By: Craig Lager

Published: November 2, 2009 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

Killing Floor, the zombie co-op shooter that we covered before has been updated with a patch called the Level Up Content Pack, and it’s superb. I mean, really superb.

Killing Floor: Eery new level

If you read what I had to say about Killing Floor before it was basically saying that while KF was basically good, it still felt unpolished and lacking in some areas. Well now it doesn’t really; this update has made the world of difference and it seems that Tripwire pretty much listened to our complaints and fixed them, always a positive step for any developer. It’s also a step that has elevated KF from feeling like a mod to feeling like something proper.

Most of the stupid arial text has been replaced with proper art-work fonts that fit, menus are clear, animations are smoother and netcode is better. It genuinely just feels like a finished game now – one that would have taken off massively if it were in this state on release, and it’s only emphasised by the new content too. Seemingly noticing how other online multiplayers have kept alive over time, Tripwire have gone all the way and splurged a load of new content into KF, and it’s excellent.

Killing Floor: A big new gun

Each class has been given a new top end weapon that everybody seem to love. Each classes weapons are understandably very much different and have lovely little tweaks like laser sights and shooting magical healing bullets; basically coming together to re-inforce the differences between classes much akin to other online multiplayers. There are new maps too: a post-apocalypse rave, a research lab in the middle of dense forest, and a generic industrial type thing. The latter is the only one which is a bit ‘so what’, while the two former are really stand out as solid and interesting maps.

There is even a whole new class – the demolition guy – who brings a whole new set of weapons to the fray in the form of Grenade launchers and proximity mines. And these weapons are fun, clearing out tight groups of zombies in seconds with a satisfying bang. Oh, and there is a new Zombie whose name escapes me. When I first saw him, to be honest, I thought tripwire had made a massive mistake. He looks like a strogg from Quake and shoots little missile things, but actually he’s a welcome addition and adds some lovely dynamics of working with somthing that can hurt from long range.

Killing Floor: Mist of gore

If you hadn’t noticed I’m really happy about this patch. Firstly it’s made Killing Floor something I can eagerly recommend to anyone, in fact I think I might even prefer it to Left 4 Dead now – it feels more substantial, more loved. Extra in fact is that it could even make it somewhere into the Gaming Daily GoTY list, because frankly I’ve had more fun playing this than most of the games this year. Secondly, it’s made me re-evaluate my opinion of Tripwire; it’s apparent that they really care about their game and rather sitting back and watching sales they are being pro-active and improving based on feedback. Developers that do this always deserve a special place in your heart.

Killing Floor: Win!

If you have ever thought about buying killing floor but then passed for whatever reason, you should probably look at doing so now. It’s become a game that deserves to hit the main-stream, that deserves to be bought and have you time spent on it. I think ultimately, it’s finished and hit the bar it was aiming for. And yes, there is room in your life for another zombie shooter. Honest.

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