I was a bit wrong…so shoot me. Please dont.

By: Craig Lager

Published: February 26, 2009 Posted in: Initial thoughts, PC Gaming Nonsense

A while ago some idiot hacked the site and posted some ill-informed rant about how I wasn’t fussed about getting GTA IV. What an idiot. Tut. If they actually played it they would realise it is, in fact, quite good. I picked a copy up from GAME when I found a gift card in my wallet with £28 on it – resulting in a brand new game for a bargain £2. Eagerly (read pessimistically) I popped it into my disk drive expecting a plethora of problems with Rockstar Social Club and Games For Windows Live. None happened – it all just worked.

GTA: i got headache

I’ve been quite addicted to GTA since getting my mitts on it, so much so that if I had played it last year it would definitely be in the top 5 of 2008. A day after buying it I actually had a dream about it – sad but true. I’ve also been playing around with the much hailed video editor resulting in…

OK, so I’m no Martin Scorsese and there is stuff that I wanted to do with it that I couldn’t get the editor to do, but hey, for ease of production in relation to the finished product I think it’s pretty good going. I’ve not even had any youtube comments hailing me as a noob yet so I must of done something right.

GTA: sneaky sneak

The main problem with the whole GTA experience though is that it runs like crap and is constantly crashing. It feels like a bit of a shoddy port that puts a ridiculous amount of emphasis on the amount of memory on your graphics card and amount of processor cores in your, umm, processor. That means that us lot with an around 18 month old PC donning the ever popular 8800gts 320MB edition and E6600 dual core processor (I know this was a really popular option at the time) are going to struggle. It’s not terrible but definitely under performs on what is common and decent (fair enough a little aged) hardware.

GTA: scenic

Anyway, thats all boring. You stop caring about some textures being a bit rubbish, shadows looking crappy and trees popping up out of nowhere, when you are plowing around a city being chased by a SWAT team as you fire out of your window at the driver. Then you crash into a lamp post, get hurled through the windscreen, pick yourself up, steal a moped, and make some pathetic attempt at an escape at 27mph. Niggles just stop mattering when you are having that much fun, and it’s fun you just can’t get with the likes of the mind fuck that is Supreme Commander or heavy plot driven “mature” games like Bioshock. Yeah, they are undeniably brilliant, but they don’t do chaos, and sometimes you want a little chaos.

GTA: bang and the dirt is gone

To end and drastically change topic in one foul swoop; I thought I’d better to bring it to everyones attention that this is the 100th Gaming Daily post. This may mean less to you than it does to me, but it means I have actually stuck with something! So, thanks to everyone for reading (both of you) and I hope you stick around for the next 100. WooYay!

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