By: Craig Lager

Published: September 14, 2009 Posted in: PC Gaming Nonsense

As is well documented on my twitter account I recently got a new keyboard and mouse, and while this is all good it means that I’m having to readjust myself to be able to use it. Everything is different and in trying to get used to it, I jumped into a game of counterstrike – in at the (insanely in this case) deep end and all that.

Deathrun: a t800

Now, I’m not brilliant at counter strike normally but can generally get by in a “gun game” or whatever. Well this time I couldn’t, I just couldn’t get used to the new mouse and keys. I was fumbling around like an idiot getting roughly 1 kill per 6 billion deaths. Anyway, I decided to change tact and look for a “deathmatch” server which basically meant that I could respawn after dying rather than having to wait for the round end. Well I couldn’t find that, but did find a Deathrun server, and it was amazing.

Deathrun: mario world

I say “amazing”, what I actually mean is bat shit crazy. The first thing that I noticed was that all the counter terrorists had been reskinned as bananas. After my mind somehow accepted this I looked around where I was. I was in mario land – a fully functioning and rather pretty incarnation of Mushroom Kingdom. In the source engine. With Terminators. Hold on, wtf? Right, so the CT’s were bananas and the Terrorists are…Terminators. Ok. This is perfectly logical.

Deathrun: some bananas

What happens in a deathrun server is this: there are about 5 slots on the T side (terminators) and everyone else goes CT (banana). The bananas try to navigate a deadly course which is also filled with manually activated traps – activated by the terminators who are kept on the other side (which is perfectly safe) of a barrier the whole time that runs parallel to the bananas course. Everything is insta-kill but each manual trap can only be set off once. If a banana makes it to the end of the course he is given a shotgun and every terminator is transported into the final room with him, carrying just a knife. What you end up with then is a gun toting banana massacring a load of T800′s. Perfectly logical.

Deathrun: underground

I spent most of my time as a terminator just because it seemed more fun. Watching 10 bananas get caught up in a mine field is brilliant every single time. The real hilarity comes when one bursts in front though, only to have a block slam into there face from a trap you activated. Not so cocky now eh? Stupid banana. Some of the traps are gloriously sinister too, like tapping said bananas in a cage then electrocuting them. BBQ’d banana anyone?

Deathrun: mushroom kingdom

It amazed me to see Counter Stike changed so heavily, I mean, this was a complete other game. I hear about this sort of stuff in Gmod all the time, but not CS:S. So, readers, I ask of you this. Is there anything else I’m missing like this? Weird game modes in Counter Strike, TF2, whatever – practically unheard of but an amazing amount of fun? Do sound off below, this could lead to a huge adventure.

Deathrun: a trap

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