Blueberry Garden

By: Craig Lager

Published: August 7, 2009 Posted in: Demo Reviews

Blueberry Garden is an indie game that has had a fair bit of attention. It won the last IGF award so since then it’s been featured in every major PC gaming place known to I noticed the demo was available on steam so thought it high time I gave it a try.

Blueberry Garden: I'm holding a rock

The idea of Blueberry Garden is really quite simple. You play as a bird man thing. You can walk, jump, pick things up, eat things and fly to a limited extent. Things you eat affect you, so for example eating a blueberry means when you fly you gain height for a limited time rather than continually lose it. Other than that, the goal of the demo is just to explore and see what you find.

Blueberry Garden: I can fly

The first thing I found was a big block of cheese. There is no explaination. When I went near it, it transported me back to the start along with itself. After wandering around some more I found a giant apple. That did the same but stacked its self on top of the cheese. I’m well aware that all this sounds rather simple and a tad rubbish, but it’s not.

Blueberry Garden: hooray

Blueberry Garden, the demo at least, is utterly enchanting. It’s also rather quite difficult to write about because it feels like giving anything away is ruining the experience. It is a game about exploration after all. I feel bad for saying what I already have, but I need to say something, right? Honestly, Blueberry is beautiful in every way. It stirs something inside you, like a sombre happiness. The music, the art, the experience of flying, it’s like being transported somewhere else. Words are literally failing me to sum up what it’s like to play. It’s almost humbling.

Blueberry Garden: some cheese and an apple

The full thing is £4 on steam and it’s not something I’m going to miss out on. It’s far too interesting and you owe it to yourself to at least try the demo.

Craig Lager
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