Don’t nuke your friends.

By: Craig Lager

Published: August 20, 2008 Posted in: Game Reports

Do you ever just cease to function as a Gamer? You have a game you are good at, and one night, you just…aren’t. Well, last night was one of those nights. Playing Supreme Commander again, and I was useless. It was me and 2 others (Arazmus and Hyperjames, both long term SupCom players), and we were in for the long haul. Just so you know, I will always be playing as the black team.

We started off with a civil everyone-for-themselves-fuck-you-all match…which I lost. The map was set like a triangle, each person taking a side, which a settlement of AI turrets in the middle that shot everyone.

I basically screwed up because I spent too much time harassing on both fronts, while they steadily built up. I attacked too early on one side, leaving me pretty much defenseless to the hoard of Tech 3 (really quite good) units that swarmed my way. I was out for the count.

The game didn’t take much longer to resolve, and we all teamed up. Us three against three Supreme (Hard as Adamantium nails…well…nearly) AI. I had a tactic. I’ll take care of naval and static weapons (artillery, bombs etc), you two look after air and ground.

Supreme commander:Don't worry guys, I've got it.

How can I sum this up?……Epic Fail. I did awful. Just floundering around, with piss poor units, no resources, getting trashed from all over the shop. I was basically a charity case until the end of the game when I managed to launch one nuclear missile, which was pointless as the other guys had it all covered. I was ashamed.

Through these two games I had learned something, I’m trying to hold too many fronts when the odds are against me. I need to pick my moments more carefully. It was getting late, but game three was on. Arazmus decided he was going to bed, so me and HyperJames take two Supremes.

Supreme commander: Game 3, bring it on

I build up a nice array of troops, whilst securing the middle of the map. Some ebb and flow takes place, and I’m forced to retreat from the middle. I’m not having this, I think, and thrust a force into back into the middle. I take it over, steal an engineer and knock up some defense. Now I pretty much had control of the map.

Supreme commander: I control the map

It was time to start pushing. I send in a few troops to scout out the reds and do a bit of damage, hopefully keeping them busy. Then I send a nuke flying their way to top it all off. I have nukes generating at about one per minute, and I have five or so stockpiled. I have this game in the bag! Nukes in supreme commander are devastating, and one in the right spot will take out a commander (a players in game presence. If that dies, the player loses). I launch one at the blues, and as it flies I have a devilish thought. A nuke takes about 30 seconds from launching to impact, 20 of which no one knows where it has targeted. An announcement goes, via voice, to every player when one is launched. I launch another nuke.

“Is that yours as well?” comes with chuckles through my headset from James.

20 seconds later

“WTF! I’m being nuked!!”

Some small text appears on the screen: “Waste_manager has broken alliance with HyperJames”

Supreme commander: i switch sides like a twunt

Some more small text: “HyperJames has been defeated”

Abuse follows.

Hold on though, somethings gone wrong…the blues are alive. The commander survived. I try dropping a couple more nukes, but they keep missing. A lot of the damage done from a missile is from surrounding buildings blowing up…well they are all gone. About 7 nukes later, he’s still walking much to my embarrassment.

I change tactics, and build some super bombing planes, all the while listening to a torrent of abuse through my speakers. I send a few fast scout planes in first, to draw away and anti air fire, then send the bombers in…

Supreme commander: finally done

Finally, its all over. I am the winner! Yeah, I’m one friend down, but screw him. He’s only bitter because he didn’t fuck me over. Satisfied I have got some of my talent back, I proceed to drag myself to bed, grinning all the way.

Craig Lager
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