Shotgun in the head

By: Craig Lager

Published: December 1, 2008 Posted in: Game Reports

Waste_Manager: “I know how to kill a Witch in one shot”
Arazmus: “Oh right…how?”
Waster_Manager: “Creep up to her, then shotgun in the head”
Aramus: lol


Arazmus: “Witch”
Waste_Manager: “I’m going for her”
Ston3y: “No”
Arazmus: “Everyone leave the Witch except Waste”
Waste_Manager: “Keep me covered…”
Waste_Manager: “Fuck im down!…I’m dead”

Left 4 Dead: bin sick

Arazmus: “Safe room here”
Waste_Manager: “Run, get in!”
Waste_manager: “Wheres the other guy?”
Arazmus: “Smokers got him back upstairs! I’m on the way”
Arazmus: “Got him”
*a car alarm sounds*
Waste_Manager: “Fuck. Run back!”
Arazmus: “Hunters on me! Fuck it, shut the door”
Waste_Manager: “No, not this close to the end. Get the fuck up”
Arazmus: “I’ll help the other guy”
Waste_Manager: “Oh fuck…did we lose one?”
Arazmus: “…yeah”

Left 4 Dead: nearly there

Waste_Manager: “Right, we get everyone in this room, someone runs down, starts the truck then legs it back here”
Arazmus: “OK, cool. I’ll go get the truck”
Waste_Manger: “Your limping a fair bit, you wont be fast enough. I’ll go”
Arazmus: “k”
Waste_Manager: “I’ve got a pipe bomb which I can throw to keep them off me, and I’ll put a petrol can at the bottom to sett off behind me.”
Arazmus: “We’re ready”
Waste_Manager: “Setting the truck off….now.”
Arazmus: “Run!”
Waste_Manager: “Ah fuck! Hunter on me”

Everyone ran out to save me. They then got ambushed to death.

Waste_Manager: “OK…next time, someone cover me”

Left 4 Dead: stairs

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