FC2 Multiplayer ahoy

By: Craig Lager

Published: November 3, 2008 Posted in: Game Reports

Having set aside a day for gaming today, I decided I might as well try Far Cry 2′s multiplayer this morning. I’ve not played a great deal of it, but its quite fun. What isn’t fun though, is the amount of bastard hackers on it.

Far cry 2: dead again

I came across the first one on a team death match. I was doing my usual thing of sniping, when I spotted someone and emptied at least 5 shots into his chest. He was still standing. WTFOMGHAX! Because there was around 16 people on the server though, it wasn’t that big a deal. I had plenty of other people to kill. I say kill, my team was getting thrashed. So much in fact, that they were doubling our score.

Far cry 2: look at the fucking score

After that abomination of a round it was on to a little four player deathmatch. One of these had the same ‘hack’. He would not die, no matter how many bullets or profanities I threw at him. It was infuriating. No matter how many times anyone shot/blew him up, he would still be standing. I got some sort of revenge in the end however. I spotted him just over a ridge and shot him a couple of times then hid. He came down looking for me and I darted past him, to just behind where he was originally. I hid in a little hut and prayed he never saw me. He never, and went back to his sniper post. That’s when I crept up behind him, and shoved a machete in his back. He died! Hazaa! I figured that he must have some sort of ‘I can’t take damage’ hack, but a machete in the back is a one hit kill. I thought it might just work, and it did.

It didn’t take me long to get used to FC2 multiplayer. It plays a lot like COD4, and I was quite good at that. I could see myself getting into it a lot more if it weren’t for one thing – the stupid, stupid ‘server browser’. I call it that because I can’t think what else to call it, other than ‘waste of fucking space’. Needless to say, it barely works.

Far cry 2: waiting over and over

Basically, to get into a game, you have to wait ages. After you have waited ages, you have to wait longer for people to stop pissing around and be ready for the game. Then you wait for it to load, then you can play. You can’t just pick a server and jump in…well you can, but only if the game hasn’t started yet. Its ridiculous, slow, and just over intrusive.

What FC2 multiplayer has probably done more than anything is make me want to play COD4 again, but that’s for another day. For now, hunting The Jackal is my only concern. Anyway, I have all day for playing today (Sunday), so I better make the most of it. Byes!

Far cry 2: i r winnar

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