6 vs 2: Part II

By: Craig Lager

Published: November 17, 2008 Posted in: Game Reports

Previously me and Arazmus took on 6 of the hardest AI there is in Supreme Commander. Without further adu, Part II:

My battleship sinks. Nooo! *sadface*. As I watch it fall to the depths, a Czar (giant UFO of death) flies over head….fuck. Double fuck actually, as that’s not what was hitting my ship. Part II is not starting very well for us.

Supreme commander: they sunk my battleship

I send everything Anti-Air that I have got to kill the Czar, but it’s being stubborn and not dying. Just then, a Fat Boy (very, very big tank, that can make more tanks) appears in view. Thats what sunk the Battleship. Mother fucker. One of my Soul Rippers is now ready, so I set it over to meet the Fat Boy. As it’s on its way, a Monkey Lord shows up (a very big spider robot). For fucks sake! My soul ripper kills the fat boy, and I see the Light Greens commander is in visual range. I send my Soul Ripper over. Even if it gets shot down, it will crash land in their base and kill some stuff at least. It gets shot down and lands on a mountain…not killing anything…useless. Some of their big units are dead though, so a small victory, but a victory none the less.

I cue up a Scathis (huge rapid fire artillery) and 5 Monkey Lords of my own, it looks like I’m going to need some serious fire power. That Czar is still alive, and seems to be heading straight for my base. It takes out loads of my ground defense, but my battalion of ships shoot it down just before it can do any serious damage. I emit a sigh of relief.

I currently have 2 soul rippers built and see a gap in the Light Greens defense. I send the Rippers straight around the back, only they spot a Monkey Lord on the way. The Rippers gun it down easily though (it doesn’t have any significant Anti Air) and I send them back on their way. Thats one less thing to worry about anyway. They charge into the middle of the Greens base and actually manage to take the commander out, though end up sacrificing themselves. Fuck it though, commander down! 3 Left. Hold up though, I notice Arazmus has killed the Dark Reds. I have been so wrapped up in my own little battle, I forgot to see what he was doing. 2 left! Bonus.

I order all of my ground troops to occupy where the Dark Greens were. My Scathis is built, and I order that half way between my base and where the Dark Greens used to be. That should put it in range of the last Commander on my side of the map, the Yellows. However, another Czar intercepts my ground troops on their way. This is bad. It forces me to hold off my Artillery, as I can’t afford for that to die. I find that a Monkey Lord is still in the Dark Greens zone as well. This all has to go before I bring my artillery in. I shift all my ships over to take care of the Czar as they have good anti air, and the Czar is distracted killing other units to take them out.

Supreme commander: the czar, a big ufo of death

The Czar dies, just leaving the Monkey Lord. But wait – whats that coming out of the water? Three sub commanders courtesy of the Light Reds. Oh joy. Oh, and whats that? One Galactic Collossus, a massive fucking robot courtesy of the yellows. Thankfully, Arazmus assures me that he has a Soul Ripper on the way over to help me. Thank god, otherwise I could of been in trouble.

Supreme commander: soul ripper takes on a galactic colossus

By now, I have 3 Battleships ready and send them over to park outside the Yellows base. They get there without much hassle and start firing. The yellow then surprises my Battleships with yet another Czar. I issue a Run the Fuck Away command to my battleships, but one of them still dies. No matter, as all those stupid units holding my artillery back are now dead, and my artillery in in range of the yellow base. Ha! Fuck you yellows! Fire. It takes about 2 minutes for the Yellows to die, in which time, Arazmus has taken out the light reds with his own artillery. 0 left.

We won! We fucking won! 6 AI on the hardest setting, against us, and we won!! Feeling utterly proud, and somewhat knackered, we called it a night, but we are going to have to find a way to ramp up the difficulty.

Craig Lager
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